Patient-Focused Therapy


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

At KISS ABA we help families receive the services in Applied Behavior Analysis to increase their socially significant behaviors and decrease their maladaptive behaviors. When engaged in home-based ABA therapy, it allows the clients the opportunity to learn the skills that they are able to use in their natural environment, HOME. The client’s home is the location that the behaviors will most likely occur. For example, home based therapy can help elicit behaviors in the area of bedtime, toileting, eating, cleaning up, cooking, and dressing.

When deciding the location of the ABA therapy sessions, it is best to consider where your child may be most comfortable, at home or another location. With time, the child will learn to engage in the wanted behaviors which should be generalized to other settings. Another benefit to having ABA therapy in the home is that it makes it convenient for the parents and their availability to get to locations other than home.

As we proceed with ABA services in the home, we structure the program individually for the client. With that, we set up an environment that elicits the independence that the client can attain. We focus the client’s programs on their ability level and emphasize a focus on communication, independent play skills, individualized skill acquisition programs, problem behavior reduction plans, and functional daily living skills. The long-term goal for each client is to enable them to generalize their skills to the home, school, and community and be able to fully participate in family, school, and community activities to the best of their abilities.



ABA Training for Parents & Caregivers

At KISS ABA, Parent training is a critical part of the programming. We offer one on one training for parents with and without the client. In these trainings, parents and caregivers will learn the fundamentals of behavior change and how to use basic strategies to improve their child’s behavior. When you partner with the family, the outcomes of the client’s success improve. With the support from all members of the family, your child can gain success at a faster pace. As the parents and caregivers, you are the center of the team for the client. We will surround you with caring, passionate professionals trained in ABA therapy. Our emphasis is on providing you with the information you need to make the best decision for you, your child, and the rest of your family.

Parents are always the most direct line of care to the client. This is one reason parent training is essential in getting the most from the ABA services we provide. We will work closely with your family to ensure that our plans are implemented effectively.

At KISS ABA, we understand that this process can be overwhelming. We are here to help you navigate through the obstacles and assist with the uncertainties that lie ahead.


Vocational Training

KISS ABA offers support to young adults with disabilities who are preparing for post-secondary options in employment or are looking to have meaningful employment. We provide assessments to identify prevocational and vocational skillset to identify for work readiness strengths and weaknesses, developing a treatment plan based on the strengths and needs of the young adult. Our therapist work one-on-one with the young adult utilizing ABA strategies to support young adults in all aspects of on-the job preparedness, by improving skill acquisition and increased independence for more successful work experiences.

Some of the following areas of employment support are:
  • Learning to follow directions for work duties in addition to learning to follow other safety skills measures in the workplace
  • Improved motor coordination to complete tasks
  • Increase consistency with tasks, time management, and social etiquette
  • Reliability and concentration to duties and responsibilities
  • Improve social and functional skills that are transferable from one environment or workplace to another

Whether your young adult has a current job, or is wanting one, our therapist can support these skills inside or outside of a work setting.





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